New Work and the Vitamin Balance: The Mixture Must Be Right

  • Startup Wetamin offers special vitamin and mineral mixtures for occupational groups
  • Employers in the obligation: Healthy employees are more productive

Munich, 26 November 2019 - The modern world of work is mobile, everything between home office, office and café can be used as a desk. Stress is a particular challenge to the vitamin and mineral balance. The Munich startup Wetamin closes the gap with special vitamin mixtures that are specially tailored to different occupational groups and stress profiles. "There is an enormously large market for the most diverse preparations and promises, but no offerer, who offers specific mixtures for human load scenarios. Especially since a lot of the orthomological products on the market cost a lot of money and consist of more than 50 percent sugar," says Boris Sirota, Managing Director of Wetamin.

Wetamin for Work

Sugar is not found in the mixtures of wetamin - all products do without the sweetening ingredient. The team worked on the recipes and the taste for a long time before all the parameters were right. "Sugar makes such products tasty and is therefore used in large quantities in industry. We wanted to eliminate this - after all, we stand for health," says Sirota. Wetamin is so far the only supplier of vital substances in Germany with a reference to occupational groups. Meanwhile, the range is not only aimed at end users, but also at employers. Vital substances not only influence the immune system, but also other important bodily and organ functions such as the eyes, brain, nervous system and digestive system. Fit employees are less sick and worrying about employee health creates a positive employer image. Apart from that the health promotion by non-monetary reference § 8 exp. 2 EStgB and prevention and health promotion in life worlds is tax-free according to § 20a SGB V.

Foundation from own vitamin requirements

Initially, the company will start with four ideally combined compounds that compensate for different loads. From eye, brain and muscle functions to the digestive and nervous systems: micronutrients, vitamins and minerals determine the processes. The history of Wetamin begins as early as 2004, during a tough IT project in which none of the participants were allowed to be absent. So the team members around Boris Sirota looked for vitamin mixtures. Years later, the team members are still enthusiastic about vitamins and minerals - and develop the idea to found Wetamin. "Wetamin ritualizes a digitized service for people with top professional and private requirements and the needs-optimized vital substance care - Wetamin also involves the employers," says Boris Sirota. The product was developed entirely in Germany and Austria and is also manufactured there.

With Wetamin GmbH, companies can show a new side of corporate social responsibility and offer their employees specific mixtures of vital substances for the needs of the modern working world. Wetamin is so far the only supplier of vital substances in Germany with reference to occupational groups. The products and general conditions can be specified online at, delivery takes place directly to the company. Of course, the products can also be ordered directly from the end consumer.

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