Finally: The Right Vitamin Blends for Managers, Digital Heros and Iron Performers

Startup Wetamin launches four first special vitamin and mineral mixtures on the market

Munich, December 17, 2019 –  From now on, special vitamin and mineral mixtures in drug quality are no longer a dream: The German start-up Wetamin is launching the four varieties Balance, Digital Hero, Manager and Iron Performer on the market for the first time. The four blends with a special focus on selected ingredients are tailored to the most varied needs of different occupational and stress groups. The powder is mixed with water to make a tasty drink with a blueberry lavender taste - and no sugar at all. "In our market analyses, we have found that no manufacturer tailors products to specific target groups such as digital workers. In addition, many manufacturers use sugar in their products. We wanted to do this differently - with the quality of a medicine and without sugar," says Boris Sirota, one of the two founders of the young company.

The idea from the „Dicke Sophie“

The two entrepreneurs have known each other for years - and have been using special mixtures of vitamins and other important substances for themselves for years. Both have exchanged ideas over the years and different professional careers and in 2018 the idea for Wetamin was born. "In pharmacies or online, customers are overwhelmed with thousands of offers that all want to be the best - but none of them are really tailored to specific needs. We wanted to develop the perfect product together. That's why four blends are just the beginning," continues Boris Sirota. In the end, Dicke Sophie - a beer garden in Munich, where the final Wetamin idea was born - was also jointly responsible.

Drug quality

In order to analyze the market, the two founders tried almost all products on the market. Medical experts were also consulted to clarify the mixtures. At first there was no manufacturer who wanted to implement this idea with the Wetamin team - but in the end there was a company in Austria that produced the mixtures and filled them into individual sachets and an environmentally friendly paper cup. The production is completely certified according to ISO and GMP, a standard that comes from the pharmaceutical industry and has high demands. For every raw material and production there are certificates. Already in the launch phase, the four blends have achieved enormous success and the positive customer feedback exceeds the expectations of the founding team many times over. In addition to other blends, new flavours are also being planned. But there will always be one: No sugar, and high-quality raw materials in drug quality. 

Wetamin is the first company to offer special vitamin and mineral mixtures for different occupational stress scenarios. Digital workers, managers and highly stressed professionals can support the immune system, eye functions and many other bodily functions with these mixtures. Production takes place under pharmaceutical conditions, the four mixtures are sugar-free and can be dissolved in water to make a tasty drink.

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